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Our permanent purpose

BanRegio Grupo Financiero, having its main place of business in Monterrey, Nuevo León, is a Financial Institution that keeps an excellent level of service and attention with its customers, reason why the group has achieved such strength that it has been able to integrate more than $52,000 million Pesos in assets.

Our mission is to gain a relevant position in the domestic financial market by providing our customers with a reliable, agile and different service allowing us to keep a long-term sustained and profitable growth.

We are present in 12 States of the Mexican Republic. We provide banking services to more than 160,000 customers and offer a wide range of modern banking products and services in order to meet credit, savings and investment needs.

Our services are designed to meet the needs of various market segments, such as small and medium companies engaged in commercial, industrial and services activities, as well as to provide banking services to individuals to meet their needs at all levels.

One of the main strengths of BanRegio is its human resources, where our greatly experienced personnel in the financial sector combines with young professionals who offer both dynamics and enthusiasm in the achievement of goals and targets of our bank.

A proactive and prudent management has resulted in a reliable, solid and profitable operation of this Financial Group. This is how we have been able to support the development of different productive sectors, thus generating a higher social welfare.

BanRegio Grupo Financiero, keeps a clear and corporate vision focused on developing growth. Our experience has helped us to know that the main economy focus both Locally and Regionally is to destine optimal solutions for our market segments, through the use of a solvent financial profile and a relevant position in the financial sector. We understand that relationships with our customers should be long-term relationships providing them with effective solutions through our products and services, which are designed to obtain the highest exposure and profitability. We are so aware of the path of excellence that the constant feedback received from our Board of Directors and customers is the constant growth of the Bank.

Through the years, BanRegio Grupo Financiero has achieved the stability that can only be obtained through the analysis, the use of assessment schemes and a global financial vision. We have been able to transform the ever-changing macro economical changes into quick and effective solutions for our customers and users. This perspective has lead us to gain the trust needed by financial institution in order to continue converting the philosophy of its shareholders into market value.
Our results show that we know our business, our sector and our Country. Our Directors, professionals and executives are fully committed to continue making our resources more efficient in order to create economic opportunities and make them profitable. We have helped hundreds of thousands of customers to conclude their projects, walking with them in the creation process of their businesses, their life and their future.

This is why we will continue developing new consolidations, new openings and we will always be in constant growth to the benefit of our users, our corporate team and our Shareholders. BanRegio Grupo Financiero will continue with its efforts not only to make this world easier for its customers, but more efficient, optimal and with new horizons.